Saturday, 2 January 2010

Know more about Super Kips on Ninja 150

Kawasaki Ninja 150 R and Ninja RR/KRR used super kips technology, what is super kips? and how it work on Kawasaki Ninja 150? below, i give to you some information about Super Kips Racing Technology on Ninja 150R and Ninja 150RR/KRR.

Super kips (Kawasaki Integrated Powervalve Super System) is the development of a long kips is applied at RR Ninja have long circulated. Super kips actually is a valve mechanism which controls the exhaust gas in the exhaust port. Super kips new works opened at the rev / high rpm which functions primarily to generate energy (power) is maximum. With these valves, at low engine rotation, a mixture of burned-elements including HC (which the 2-stroke engines used should be discarded), the Ninja RR can be prevented to go out with this mechanism so that the Super kips HC levels produced a Low in the rest of the gas dump. In Ninja RR technology used before the Super kips is KIS technologies. KIS works because of differences in pressure, so KIS is a device that works in physics. The most important part of the Super kips is the valve (valve) are housed in the sinkhole. Valve / valve serves as a specific mechanism in the machine. This valve serves to open the speed / RPM over 7000-8500. In summary, Super kips is a system of valves that regulate the use of closure and the opening part of the sinkhole. This valve will function to open at high RPM, so the rest of the combustion exhaust gas can take place more perfect. Instead of this valve will serve close to the low RPM to avoid wasting fuel-air mixture of new entrants into the engine and kerter

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