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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R - 2010 ZX-6R All Features

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R - 2010 ZX-6R All Features - Before you buy motorcycles, you must to know about all about Motorcycles that you want, like Motorcycles Prices, Specification, features and Motorcycles dealer place that sell motorcycles that you want to buy. Now, talk about Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Features, what is Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R features? you can read it before you buy it, this information is very important dude, you will know about all features ZX-6R., you can also watch Kawasaki Ninja Zx-6R Commersial Video , or Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 2008 VS Ninja ZX-6R 2009 at my older post that it.

This all about Ninja ZX-6R like, Brakes, Engine, Suspension, Low seat height, performance and more.. Thank's to the website totalmotorcycle that give the Ninja ZX-6R information, i hope this info can give all info that we need, and for all rider, this is the great info for you ..

Key Feature for Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 2010
* Lean physique, low-mass, awesome power delivery and precise control

Lightweight Engine
* Camshafts are made of chrome-moly steel
* Lightweight magnesium engine covers are standard
* Lightweight top injector mounting plate
* Lightweight transmission gears and gear dogs
* Lightweight oil pump and starter gears
* Inlet pressure pulse monitor does away with cam angle sensor, further contributing to lightness
* Cassette-type transmission makes it easy to quickly swap gear ratios, reducing set-up time at the track

Massive Mid-Range Performance
* Double bore velocity stacks feature inlets at two different heights, for increased performance in both the mid- and high-rpm ranges
* Cam and tappets nitriding enables high-load cam profiles, for maximum performance
* Crown-finished pistons
* Molybdenum-coated piston skirts for reduced friction and engine break-in
* Low-tension piston rings reduce mechanical loss
* Advanced cam chain guides stabilize chain motion and further reduce mechanical loss
* Exhaust collector layout contributes to superb low and mid-range performance while maintaining high-rpm performance

More Precise Throttle Control
* Cylindrical guides in the top of the air cleaner box ensure accurately sprayed fuel mist from the secondary injectors into the intake funnels, improving combustion efficiency
* Long throttle bodies between oval sub-throttles and round main throttles yield a smooth intake transition, for reduced inlet turbulence and increased efficiency
* Advanced cylinder porting delivers excellent cylinder-filling and scavenging
* High-current secondary coil circuitry for optimum combustion efficiency

Lightweight Chassis
* The sub-frame is a 2-piece aluminum die-casting consisting of a front and rear section
* The lightweight sub-frame is very narrow, for a compact and slim rear end
* Intake resonator box and supports for the instrument panel and mirrors are unitized with the Ram Air duct, contributing to weight savings and increased rigidity

Tuned Chassis Balance and Mass Centralization
* Frame stiffness around the swingarm pivot and the rear engine mounts optimizes front-rear rigidity balance
* Engine is rotated forward around the output shaft for steeper intake angle and excellent CG
* Exhaust layout with a short side muffler keeps the weight low
* Exhaust pre-chamber further contributes to mass centralization

Ergonomics and Chassis Feedback
* Seat-pegs-bar relationship places handlebars close to the rider and turned in slightly for a highly intuitive riding position
* Fuel tank profile is flared around its top, similar to the ZX-10R, providing a large contact patch for excellent rider feedback
* Slim-waisted fuel tank makes it easy for the rider to grip the tank with his knees or to hang off in turns
* Sculpted seat allows the rider to shift his body far back on the rear seat step, helping to reduce rider fatigue
* Steep rake angle for quick steering response and enhanced communication from the front tire
* Rear brake master cylinder reservoir forward of the swingarm mount frees up space around the footpeg, for simplicity and weight savings

Low Seat Height
* Narrow rear sub-frame makes it easy to reach the ground
* Front of seat is narrow and low, for a slim riding position and a short reach to the pavement

Advanced Suspension
* ZX-6R features Showa's Big Piston Front fork (BPF) design, for fantastic braking and initial corner turn-in
* The BPF eliminates many of the internal components used in a cartridge-type fork, simplifying construction and resulting in lighter overall fork weight
* The large-diameter of the BPF's internal piston allows a reduction in damping pressure, for better feedback and smoother action
* The ZX-6R swingarm uses many of the same parts as the ZX-10R; both left and right inner plates, the left outer plate, rear stand bosses, brake caliper stopper, chain guard and swingarm pivot shaft

* 220mm rear petal disc
* Rear brake lever is mounted coaxially with the footpeg for excellent mid-stroke braking efficiency and optimum feel

Race-Quality Steering Damper
* A race-quality adjustable Öhlins steering damper with relief valve and twin-tube design is fitted as standard equipment

Additional Features
* Highly evolved fairing for great wind protection, minimal cross-wind effects
* Position lamps are integral with the projector beam headlights; the Ninja ZX-6R features dual position lamps like the ZX-10R
* One-piece fender offers excellent aerodynamics
* Inner fender above the swingarm helps to reduce turbulence and keeps the undertail clean
* Front brake hose routing with a three-way joint at the lower triple-clamp facilitates bleeding air from the brake lines
* Similar in design to that of the ZX-10R, the instrument panel gives at-a-glance information to the rider(

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