Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Honda CBR 150 VS Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR/ZX150

Honda CBR 150 VS Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR - Here they are the entry level in 150cc class, Honda CBR from Honda Motorcycles and Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR from Kawasaki Motorcycles. Some people in another country confuse for choice between CBR 150 and Ninja 150, e.g Thailand, Honda CBR 150 is very popular motorcycles in there, Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR also called kawasaki ninja ZX150 is another choice for this class. Let see who is better between Honda CBR 150 VS Ninja Zx150 / RR.

Honda CBR 150
"Honda CBR 150" is another CBR series from Honda, like CBR 125 in U.S.A, CBR 1000, this is very popular series from Honda !! Honda CBR 150 is more light weight than Ninja 150, with DOCH engine technology, monoshock breaker, CBR 150 design is very nice. Honda CBR Top Speed for default engine can run at 150kmh, but some modifications on CBR 150CC will give more power and top speed for CBR 150, yeah CBR can run at 170kmh with some modifications like changed muffler/exhaust and racing cdi.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX150 / KRR / RR
"Ninja ZX150 / KRR", Very fast motorcycles !! Kawasaki Ninja 150 with super kips technology is best motorcycle in another country like Indonesian, yeah because super kips technology can give your Ninja more power at high rpm. good accelerations and speed, Top Speed for Kawasaki Ninja 150 can run at 180kmh in standard mode, that's very fast yeah? design more wight than Honda CBR 150.

Now who is the winner Honda CBR 150R or Kawasaki Ninja 150 series?
This is very hard quetions.. defending your needed, fast motorcycles or nice mototcyles? if you are like speed freak, kawasaki ninja 150 zx150 / rr is the best choice for you, but if you like Honda, CBR series like CBR 150 is the best choice for new rider.. great looking and great technology with doch !!
I love CBR 150R but Ninja 150 is nice too !!


Anonymous said...

which bike is more fuel efficient for riding in high way ?

Admin said...

Absolutely Honda CBR150R the winner..
CBR150R has fuel-injection and it's 4-stroke motorcycles which it better miles/gallon. Ninja 150 ZX/KRR is 2-stroke motorcycles and it can't beat Honda CBR150R fuel-consumption. Cheers..

Rahman said...

you can't compare those two bikes, since honda cbr 150 is 4-stroke whie kawasaki ninja 150 is 2-stroke

Admin said...

@Rahman : We all know that but why not for the "almost" same of prices? I try to give balances opinion, if you love the speed and performance, try Ninja 2 strokes, but if you need more hi-tech 4-strokes motorcycles, go for CBR 150R. But of bikes is greats, cheers ^_^..

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