Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New Suzuki Smash Titan 2012

Suzuki Titan
2012 Suzuki Smash Titan or also just called as Suzuki Titan is entry level under-bone motorcycles from Suzuki, this bike comes with only 113cc of engine capacity, 4 stroke, SOCH and 4 speed transmission. In this year, we can meet with 3 types of Suzuki smash Titan 2012, the first model is Smash Titan 115, Smash Titan 115 R and the last one is Smash Titan 115 SR.

I have posted about the Titan bike in this post in 2010, but today we will see more from the new version of Titan. Actually, the new Suzuki Titan engine specs is almost the same with the older version, so there will not found many changes is this point.

So what is the Titan 115, Titan 115 R and Titan 115 SR?

Basically, all of the new Suzuki Titan is almost the same, the engine and the body work looks almost the same, but we can found some difference on this bike, the first thing that you have to know is, Titan 115 SR is the premium class of Titan, and the standard Titan 115 is the cheapest than all. Here is the comparison list.

Suzuki Smash Titan Version
Titan       -       Titan R      -      Titan SR
Drum brake          Disc brake          Disc Brakes
Spoke Wheels        Spoke Wheels        Cast Wheels

As you can see, the Titan 115 comes with only drum brake system on the both side (front brake and rear brake), and also powered by spoke wheels as the Titan 115 R (but it comes with disc brakes). The premium Titan is the SR version, now it has equipped by disc brakes and sporty cast wheels. nice

2012 Suzuki Titan

Colors available
Titan 115 : Titan Black
Titan 115 R : Macho Bright Blue
Titan 115 SR : Pearl Flash Green-Titan Black, Candy Sunner Red-Titan Black

2012 Suzuki Titan 115 offered many features and advantages such as low fuel consumption, low noise, sporty design, new stronger engine, cover suspension, large under seat storage, advance security lock key, sporty display and many more.


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