Friday, 5 November 2010

Honda CBX 1000 - Classic Honda Motorcycles

Honda CBX 1000 is one of the best classic motorcycles ever, this bike powered with 1000cc and have a powerfull speed and performance, 105 hp. Honda CBX 1000 is a special motorcycles, did you know? Classic motorcycles is not all about low power and lack on speed, Honda CBX 1000 have many features on engine as like 24-valve, twin-cam, 6 carburetors. Honda was released this bike in 1978.

Honda CBX 1000 red
You can see that Honda CBX 1000 is awesome !! look at the CBX 1000 cylinder ..
Honda CBX 1000

If you are one of the Honda CBX owner, you can join to Honda CBX forum, there is a lot of website that containing all about this Honda Classic motorcycle. Well.. I thing our Father will like this CBX 1000..
Classic motorcycles, good power, good performance, and of course it's Honda ...


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