Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Honda Supra X 125 R CW - Honda Motorcycles

Here is one of Supra X 125 series, that's all right guys.. it's Honda Supra X 125 R CW. Honda Supra X 125 series has more than one series, they are Supra X 125 D, Supra X 125 R (cw) and also Honda Supra X 125 pgm-fi (injection). So.. first.. let see about Honda Supra X 125 R CW with no injection technology series. Honda Supra X 125R CW is 125cc of engine displacement and also 4 stroke, SOHC and air cooling system motorcycles from Honda. For more safety riding, Honda has included the dual disk brakes system on Supar X 125 R CW series, one on the front and another on the back side. Today, Supra X 125 has more colors available, if I look it more closed, the design is great and almost perfect for underbone series under 150cc. Supra X 125 series is one of most popular motorcycle from Honda.  
Supra X 125

Honda Supra X 125 R CW Specs :
Length X width X height: 1889 x 702 x 1094 mm
Wheelbase: 1242 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 138 mm
Empty weight: 105kg / 103 (Type Spoke)
Type of order: The backbone
Type front suspension: Telescopic
This type of rear suspension: swing arm and dual shock absorbers
Front tire size: 70/90 - 17M / C 38P
Rear tire size: 80/90 - 17M / C 44P
Supra X 125 R
Brakes front: double-piston disc
Rear brake: disc single piston / Tromol (Type Spoke) <- good !!
Fuel tank capacity: 3.7 liters
Engine type: 4 stroke, SOHC, air cooling
Diameter x measures: 52.4 x 57.9 mm
Volume measures: 124.8 cc
Comparison of compression: 9.0: 1
Maximum power: 9.3 PS / 7500 rpm <- enough for daily ride
Maximum Torque: 1.03 kgf.m / 4000 rpm
Engine lubricating oil capacity: 0.7 liter in the periodic replacement
Auto Clutch: Automatic centrifugal
Dental transmission: Speed fixed mesh
Pattern transfer gear: N-1-2-3-4-N (rotary)
Starter: Pedal and electric
Battery: 12 V - 3.5 Ah
Spark plugs: ND U20EPR9 / NGK CPR6EA-9
Ignition System: carburator - DC CDI
(reference and translated from: astra honda)
Honda Supra X 125 R CW
Honda Supra X 125 R CW is premium underbone 125cc motorcycles from Astra Honda, great design and looks appears makes this Supra X 125 series more than another 125cc motorcycles. If you want to know more about clors, specs, prices and dealers, you can find it at Astra Honda official website. Have a nice day and god luck..



cuma itu saja sob? gak da keterangan lain? mau beli nih rencananya

Admin said...

Just get it one ^_^..
Supra X 125 CW Features
- Disc brakes (both side)
- 125cc
- Cast wheels
- Premium Honda line-up
- Compact design
- need more? go for CBR150R

Anna Sizu said...

How much????

Admin said...

@Anna : the prices about IDR 15.600.000 on April 2012.

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