Sunday, 30 May 2010

SUZUKI TITAN - The New Motorcycles from Suzuki

SUZUKI TITAN is the new motorcycles series and it's from Suzuki Motorcycles. Last night, I watched the launching of new motorcycle from Suzuki, and the motorcycle is named "Suzuki Titan". This is a new motor bike from Suzuki in a long long time after Suzuki never issued a new motorcycle to the market. From the looks of design, the Suzuki Titan is the latest generation of Suzuki Smash 110cc , Suzuki Titan has a bigger engine capacity, Suzuki Titan have 113CC of engine displacement, this is bigger than the New Suzuki Smash.

it's a great move from Suzuki Motorcycles, we know that there is Yamaha Vega ZR, Kawasaki Edge and Honda Revo in the market place (in asia), and to get more costumer. Suzuki Motorcycle should be able to give promotion more as well, then what will we get from Suzuki Titan, some point is, Suzuki titan has more power than the Suzuki Smash, a new model that more good and also cheap enough price. So .. let see in the future, whether the new motor suzuki can get attention from people? .. we talk more in the next article .. have a good time. Congratulation Suzuki for "Suzuki Titan" !!!
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