Monday, 10 September 2012

New Yamaha 125ZR 2012 Edition

New Yamaha 125ZR 2012
Yamaha Bikes has introduced the all new Yamaha 125ZR 2012 edition via their official site at and it's looks a good news for everyone who want to try a powerful 125cc bike with a small of dimensions. Do you know about this bike? well the 2012 Yamaha 125ZR is not a 4 stroke engine bike, it's 2-stroke bike and produces better engine performance than another 125cc bike from Yamaha, 2-strokes riders will happy now, isn't?. The new 2012 edition has come up with new design and graphics, the new colors schemes also offered better style with sporty designed. Actually, bikers in Malaysia are very lucky indeed, 125ZR is one of the legendary motorcycle from Yamaha and a few years ago this motorcycle also marketed in many countries in Asia but today it has been discontinued by Yamaha.

Powered by "125cc" engine class, 6 speed transmission and digital-advanced magneto CDI, Yamaha 125ZR produces 12.8kW @8000 of maximum power and 16.1Nm @7500rpm of maximum torque, it's mean that the new 2012 Yamaha 125ZR is one of the strongest 125cc bike in the 125cc class under-bone motorcycles. The bike also equipped with advance brakes system, we can found the disk brake system on the front side also on the rear wheels, don't worry about fast riding cause you can stop it anytime with comfortable, nice.

I found 3 colors for Yamaha 125ZR, the colors are Black, Red and also Blue Livery, here is the main specs of 125ZR.

- Official name : Y125ZR
- Engine capacity : about 125cc
- Transmission : 6 speed
- Ignition : Digital-advanced magneto type CDI
- Maximum power : 12.8 kW @8000 rpm
- Maximum torque : 16.1Nm @7500 rpm
- Front brake : single disc brake
- Rear brake : single disc brake
- Rear suspension : Single shock breaker
- Seat height : 752mm
- Dry/Curb weight : about 101 kg

The good news is I have found the 2012 Yamaha 125ZR GP edition video at youtube, thanks for someone who has uploaded this video.

More 2-strokes bike from Yamaha
- Motocross : Yamaha YZ 125
- Full sportbike : TZR 50

There are many things that I like about this bike, great power, a fairly light weight, disc brakes on the both side, sporty cast wheels, single shock and many more, if you are dreaming a small motorcycle but has great power, the new Yamaha 125ZR 2012 edition is one of the best bike for you, please remember that 125ZR is 2-stroke bike so you know about the power, well done Yamaha.


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