Thursday, 10 May 2012

Yamaha TZR 50 - 2-Stroke Motorcycles

Oh I love this bike, comes with 2-stroke engine, Yamaha TZR 50 is one of the small sportbikes Yamaha species which it still available for all 2-strokes motorcycles fans. Powered by almost 50cc of engine capacity, liquid-cooled and six-speed of transmission, Yamaha TZR 50 can be the best choices for you who want to starting to ride a superbike motorcycles. Yamaha TZR 50 is not a small bikes with ordinary performance, this bike has been presented with good specs such as liquid-cooled for better engine performance. You know that 2-strokes engine is more powerful than 4-strokes engine (in the same engine capacity), the 2-strokes engine usually produces better accelerations and also the sound is beautiful.

Yamaha TZR 50 style adopted the racing style, yeah almost the same with Yamaha YZF-R125 type, you can see that this bikes has completed with the "race looks" appearance such as full sport fairing style, 6-speeds, powerful braking system with disc brakes on the both side and awesome single rear suspension, everything looks perfect for beginner superbikes rider.

Yamaha TZR 50

Born with race design, Yamaha TZR50 equipped with aerodynamic bodywork, when you ride it on the fast run, the body-work of Yamaha TZR 50 can help you to get the maximum / top speed, great. In fact, I rarely see a 50cc motorcycle which it has comes with a liquid-cooled features, as one of the smallest sportbike series from Yamaha, Yamaha motorcycles seems to want to give more value to TZR50 product, I really appreciate the Yamaha decision which it has given a liquid-cooled for TZR 50 series.

So, are you ready to ride with small 2-strokes bike kids? everything looks good on Yamaha TZR 50 series, you will get a powerful 50cc motorcycles with high class style, TZR 50 comes with rich of features such as Yamaha R1 instruments style looks, sport racing cast wheels which it has completed with ten-spoke alloy wheels stye 17inch tires, dual seat design for riding with your family or your friends, sharp headlamp cover, Yamaha colors schemes and many more.


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