Saturday, 21 April 2012

2012 Yamaha YZ 125 - Light-Weight Motocross

Yamaha YZ 125 is one of the light-weight motocross which it has ready to ride by you. Today, let see the new 2012 Yamaha YZ 125 motocross edition that has comes to the 2012 Yamaha motorcycles line-up at Yamaha official site. Actually, this bike is not a real cheap motorcycles for 125cc motorcycles engine, but you have to know that Yamaha YZ 125 is the special motocross series that has comes with many premium features. Powered by 124cc of engine capacity, reed-valve inducted, Mikuni TMX 38 Fuel type, CDI ignition, 6-speed transmission, and liquid-cooled, this bike looks good enough, and you have to remember that 2012 Yamaha YZ 125 is not 4-strokes bikes!! it's 2-stroke engine and it's look will give more power and more powerful acceleration when you ride on the off-road place.

2012 Yamaha YZ 125

Yamaha has offered the 2012 YZ125 with the prices about $6,290 (MSRP), and you can choose this bike with only one color, that is special blue/white color as Yamaha Team flagship color.

Basically, 2012 Yamaha YZ 125 is real light-weight motocross, it's comes with light aluminum frame, light-weight and compact engine and it produces great power-to-weight ration performance. This litle motocross also equipped with ProTaoer aluminum handlebar, titanium footpegs, adjustable single shock of rear suspension, disc brakes on the rear and also front brakes, and it's also powered by griper seat. 2012 Yamaha YZ 125 has 208 lb of wet wight and 39.3 in of seat height, with the features like this, I thing everybody can ride the 2012 Yamaha YZ-125, it's also a great choice for every rider who want to try the real powerful 2-stroke motorcycles behind the 85cc engine.

Whatever who you're, 2012 Yamaha YZ 125 is one of the best beginner motorcross and looks great for you, while you feel bored with your street-bikes collection, you can try to ride this mini bike and get the dirt!!, enjoy.


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