Wednesday, 22 August 2012

7 Things That You Should To Know About New 2013 Ninja 250R

This year Kawasaki motorcycles has changed the Ninja 250r appearance and this is a good news for prospective buyers of Kawasaki motorcycles because they will get a lot of new things from the new 2013 Ninja 250R edition. After several years of sticking with the old model (2008-2012), now the Ninja 250R has transformed into a classy motorcycles style and now it has more high-value when it compared to the previous model. So, this time I wanted to give 7 things that you should to know about the latest Ninja 250R 2013 edition, hopefully useful for those of you who are planning to buy this bike, check this out.

1. Now the Ninja 250R design has Ninja ZX style

2013 kawasaki ninja 250r

When I first made this Ninja 250R blog, I felt that the Ninja 250R is the best motorcycle in 250cc class because I did not find a better model than the Ninja 250R in the market, the Ninja 250's style and design is almost perfect for the 250cc class, it has light of weight, sport style and cheap of prices, but now everything has changed when Honda introduced the CBR250R product, CBR250R provides another option for 250cc motorcycles fans. Today, after facing an enemy that is strong enough from Honda, Kawasaki seems to be provide the changes to the Ninja 250 that performing to be the best (again) in it's motorcycles engine class, now the answer has been given by Kawasaki by introducing the latest Ninja 250R design looks like his brother, the ZX-6R and ZX-10R, you can see the Ninja 250R changes in the picture above.

2. Now it has been sporty display meter

new ninja 250 display
One of the things that is often seen by bikers is motorcycles display, speedometer or tachometer / odometer. The old Ninja 250 equipped with classic display, both of speedometer and tachometer but now for the latest 2013 Ninja 250R version, Kawasaki motorcycles now has given a beautiful design in these part, you can see the speedometer now has digital and the tachometer still classic designed, great combination for entry level bikes huh? now you ca easily to watch your speed when riding with this baby Ninja.

3. New Fuel tank and passenger seat : both of parts now looks better and more sporty than previous version, I love the new fuel tank character and racy passenger seat design, now when you try to ride this 250 cc bike, you will feel the true racing motorcycle gen, awesome

4. New muffler / exhaust style : it has two-toned colored and no more classic design, great job from Kawasaki !!

5. No classic turn lamp !! : Do you feel uncomfortable with the old Ninja 250R turn lamps style? well now you can breathe easily because Kawasaki now has replaced the old style turn lamps with a new one, now the new 2013 Ninja 250 turn lamps has been fused to the main body work.

6. New 140 "big tire" size and extreme sporty cast wheels : if you're one of Ninja 250 riders you may known that many ninja 250 rider have replaced their rear tire into the larger size, now Kawasaki seems to have understood about it and they provide a new bigger tire size for their ninja 250 2013 version, oh yeah the new Ninja 250 also offering a new sporty cast wheels

7. New crankcases, piston, all-new aluminum die-cast cylinder and new frame : Kawasaki claimed that the new features offering better performance, less vibration and better heat management for better riding comfort.

That's all the 7 things that you should to know about 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250R version, actually Kawasaki also has redesigned the finishing of Ninja 250 for better quality, and today Ninja 250R also already with ABS features, you can see it by your self.

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Conclusion: If you are planning to buy a 250cc motorbike right now, 2013 Ninja 250R is the strongest candidate in the market today, at least the latest 2013 Ninja 250cc has many advantages over its competitors such as very classy model, better and powerful engines with new revision, and also has modern features such as new digital display and cool turn-lamp style. What about the competitors? well they are good but Ninja 250R still the best in 250cc beginner sport-bike class until today, good luck and enjoy your days.


Anonymous said...

I will be getting one when they hit the states! My name is in the list!

Admin said...

Good luck dude,, and enjoy your Ninja bike.

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