Monday, 20 August 2012

New 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250 - Presented with Ninja Strategy !

When many motorcycle manufacturers provided many info about their latest motorcycles, Kawasaki behave differently way, look at the 2013 Kawasaki ninja 250 streetbike series, the new baby Ninja actually comes quietly and the 2013 Ninja 250 version actually hitting its competitors now. By presenting many new advantages such as modern shape and design, now the Ninja quite different from the previous edition. Ninja 250cc has turned into the best 250cc bike, it's more beautiful, modern looks and certainly more enchanting, it's really great strategy from Kawasaki Motorcycles and I refer this marketing strategy as "Ninja Strategy", move silently, no sound, can't seen but now its comes suddenly and unexpectedly to be the best in the 250cc motorcycle class, amazing !!

New 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250

Kawasaki Ninja 250 2013 edition has completely changed, even if Kawasaki did not labeling on this bike, I would not recognize it that this is the new ninja 250, you can try to see it by yourself, the all new 2013 Ninja 250 now looks like the 600cc sportbike such as ZX-6R or 1000cc class such as ZX-10R!!, the outside style of the new Ninja 2013 has not shown the entry level bike class, that is the key of the new baby Ninja.

So back to the topic and I wouldn't to talk more about the engine or design, you can read it more in my previous post here. Today, Kawasaki has managed to make their fans happy again and succeeded in making the rivals scared twice with the presence of the new Ninja 250 version. We take the example from Honda CBR250 sportbike product, after Kawasaki managed to be the best in the 250cc motorcycles class, Honda now has entered the 250cc bike battle space by introducing the all new CBR250 in a few months ago, backed by the big names of Honda, CBR250R has successfully to attract the attention from many people and has made Kawasaki Ninja 250 annoyed in the market, so today Kawasaki has hit back the CBR 250 with the new Ninja 250e 2013, it's Ninja Strategy!!" well this is the best Kawasaki strategy that ever seen, good job.

Is the battle was over? I don't think so, Honda is still Honda, they can make a unexpectedly strategy and move to the front, now lets waiting the next rivals for the new 2013 Ninja 250.. it's interesting. Keep riding safety!!.


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