Saturday, 7 January 2012

Kawasaki W800 Special "Dark" Edition

Kawasaki W800 now comes with the darkness side, oh yeah baby it's Kawasaki W800 special edition. As one of medium class motorcycles from Kawasaki, W800 classic style now has better looks with dark soul, it's more beautiful, it's evil edition of Kawasaki W800, let see one by one the dark special edition side.

First, let's comparing the W800 standard edition with special "dark" edition looks appears

Kawasaki W800
Full darkness on the Kawasaki W800 but the Kawasaki W800 special edition has been born with gold color style on the wheels, while the standard has nothing special wheels, the SE edition has comes with new shiny looks.
Kawasaki W800 special edition
The block engine, fork suspension, also has dark color even the muffler / exhaust has created with cool matt black edition. So it's everything about classic bikes with darkness soul, with 773cc of Kawasaki W800 engine capacity, 8 valves, fuel-injection and 5 speed transmission, Kawasaki W800 produces good power and great performance in it's class.

Update : New Kawasaki W800 Cafe Style

So what about the prices? well the standard edition prices started at £6,649 and the Kawasaki W800 special edition prices started at £6,999. AS you can see, the prices is not so different, so if you want to try the dark classic motorcycles series, you can try the Kawasaki W800 special edition, it's good bike with friendly fuel injection engine features, and almost can be 100% black dark classical bikes!!.


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