Thursday, 26 April 2012

Von Dutch Motorcycles - Customs Your Bikes

Did you ever know about Von Dutch motorcycles name? if you're the real custom style or motorcycles mod lovers, you should better try to find out what is "Von Dutch motorcycles". Before we try to talk more about this amazing motorcycles custom place, lets learn more the reasons why many of riders making a custom bike. Normally, we would often meet many of unique look, and different design of motorcycles on the way, usually, a motorcycle that has been modified would have a striking appearance and got a lot of our attention, why? because their unique!! and they're different. The first thing that we will see from custom motorcycles is the shape, style and design, for example is - a motorcycle that has been modified usually have a bright colors and it has varied, and I always found that custom bikes always comes with great cast wheels / rims, added with new frame or replacing the stock fairing with the new parts and of course that is not the stock parts from the bike, that it custom parts or aftermarket motorcycles parts, it can be made from manufacture even by handmade. Custom bike is not about the standard looks, for easy example custom bikes is custom Ninja 250r, as we know that Ninja 250 has comes with good looks enough and sport style, but sometimes the owner want to make it more futuristic with custom way. So it's all about different style and better appears.

Von Dutch Motorcycles : Burn your idea into your bike and make a great custom motorcycles style!!

Von Dutch Motorcycles
Von Dutch custom motorcycles sample (image credit to :

Von Dutch motorcycles or Von Dutch Kustom Cycles is one of the best place to make your motorcycles different, you can build your own bike such as chopper motorcycles style, Bobbers and other custom bikes, although you can buy the standard choppers bike like Honda Fury bike, but not all the riders like the ordinary bike. By the way you can visit this modification home by location at 10743 Edison Ct, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 with Von Dutch Kustom Cycles name. Now let see the sample product from Von Dutch.

Based from custom motorcycles image on this post, you can see that this bike has great looks appears, the bikes has comes with many high class parts, you can see at the exhaust and braking system part. The bikes uses Arlen Ness chrome exhaust which it has make this bike so shiny, on the braking system, the bike also powered by trusted and popular brakes system, Brembo, with Brembo Quad Polished calipers and both of side uses Brembo Floating Rotor with chrome centers.

Actually, there is so many thing that you can do with Von Dutch motorcycles custom motorcycles home, I can't tell one by one to you but I have to say that this is one of the place to customizes your motorcycles, if you want to know more about this motorcycles mod home, you can visit their official site. Good luck and be different!!.


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