Thursday, 10 December 2009

kawasaki ninja 250r fairing - modification part

Dear Ninja 250r rider, this is kawasaki ninja 250r fairing for your modifications part, i know that every single rider always have accident moment that can make their motor bike fairing is break. Now, how to solved this problem? the answear is we must buy some modification part, i mean ninja 250r fairing part. I found a lot of kawasaki ninja 250r fairing for modifications part at EBay, but this is very standard, you know what i mean, how can we to buy some custom fairing for kawasaki ninja 250 r?

I found this image at the Google image search, and i found the website. If you want to buy kawasaki ninja fairing, specially for kawasaki ninja 250r, you can try at

Please remember that you can find all about kawasaki ninja fairing price and ninja part on their website.This is very special part for kawasaki ninja 250r, this is racing modification fairing for kawasaki ninja 250r, so you can't find for head lamp position ha.. ha..
Good luck with your kawasaki fairing, and please remember this is only for kawasaki ninja racing fairing part modification !!!


dens said...

If for honda supra memodipikasi pit in 2006, where it ....?

Ganjar Nugraha said...

i never know about honda supra pit guy.. but this is only for kawasaki 250. please search in Google. Thank's

Jay said... you now how no headlights or side lights or rear lights, and you have white colored cowls while your tank is blue?

Admin said...

the blue color is the original Ninja 250R colors while the white colors on the fairing and rear side is the basic colors of this aftermarket before put the paint. the original rear light / lamp was removed it's for new aftermarket lamp later.

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