Friday, 27 April 2012

Know more about 2012 Honda Rebel

If you're one of 2012 Honda Rebel motorcycles owner, you should better try to find out about your motorcycles features and part, it's because I thing many of motorcycles rider never know about their bikes, they're usually just ride and give the bike into the repair shop home for tuning or just for periodic servicing. Actually, if you are the real motorcycles rider, you have to know your motorcycles parts, know about the problem, and can do some maintenance. Today, I want to show you the key features and the main parts of 2012 Honda Rebel 250cc class and here we go.

The new Honda Rebel is not the DOCH engine motorcycles family, it still with SOCH engine and I thing it's easier to maintenance than the DOCH series. 2012 Honda Rebel is classical beginner motorcycles which it has powered by 234cc of engine capacity, SOCH, and 4-stroke type, the bike produces smooth engine deliver, quiet and of course it is friendly maintenance. This bike equipped with CV (constant-velocity_ carburetor, it will gives great throttle response. So what more? well the screw-type valve adjusters of Rebel 250 are simple, proven, reliable and you can maintenance it easily, even you can found on Rebel parts such as automatic cam-chain tensioner and solid-state CD ignition which both of parts never need to maintenance or low maintenance,

2012 Honda Rebel

2012 Honda Rebel

What is the most important part for 250cc beginner bikes? yes that's simple starter features, the 2012 Honda Rebel equipped with electric starter, just push the engine start button and you're ready to go.

As one of the classical style motorcycles, 2012 Honda Rebel has been born with fashionable style, you can found it at the fuel-tank design which it designed with special Rebel custom style, chrome-plated headlight, the turn-light and also taillight casing of Rebel also designed with classic looks appears. The Rebel custom seat (low seat height only 26.6") and pullback handlebar will giver more comfortable ride for all Rebel riders, this bike also powered by spoke-wheel type with chrome rims, it will boost Rebel style to the classic soul. Usually, classic motorcycles comes with drum brakes system, but thanks to Honda who has give the disc brakes type and twin-piston caliper for perfect braking. It's classic bike with awesome features.

Well, are you learning something from it? the 2012 Rebel bike comes with only SOCH engine and it's easy to maintenance, you can found many of Rebel parts are low-maintenance even free maintenance, is it good news for beginner rider right?. Truly, I love this bike but sometime you need to carefully when you buy it, for example, when your bike need to "wash", you have to do it seriously, the spoke rims need more protector and maintenance than the castling wheel which it very easy to clean up, so good luck for you and I hope you got many things about 2012 Honda Rebel from it. Keep safety ride.


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