Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Waiting for New Honda 150cc Street-Fighter Bikes

I believe that many of Honda fans want to try the lighter and cheaper bike than CBR250R even CBR150R, To get this "dream bike" we must to pray more. Waiting for new Honda 150cc street-fighter bikes (better performance with DOCH, liquid-cooled, no-faired,) has make me tired, while many of motorcycles manufacture building a strong performance 150cc street-fighter motorcycles, Honda seems satisfied with CBR150R and CBR250R.

Actually, the 250cc motorcycles is light-weight bikes that has comes with good performance, we can found this bikes in UK, USA, Europe, or in another country in Asia. Honda with CBR250R, Kawasaki with Ninja 250R are very popular, but some times we need more and more lighter motorcycles than 250cc type, and the 150cc is the perfect motor-bikes to answer it.

Today, based from many rumors in the motorcycles web news, Honda is rumored to be making a new street-fighter motorcycle, it has rumored to be using the injection system, DOCH and liquid cooled, almost the same with CBR150R and I hope it will be the real new 150cc bikes with "good engine performance" from Honda for their fans. Currently, Honda actually had many of 150cc street bikes like Honda Dazzler in India, however the power of this motorcycle is not so great for speed freaks, and I think it still less powerful when it compared to Honda rivals such as the Pulsar series. Actually, I want to see the Honda 150cc engine like Honda VTR250, this is the 250cc street-fighter motorcycles from Honda with awesome style and I like it so much.

Honda VTR250

Let see the KTM motorcycles manufacture, KTM has introduced the Duke 200, KTM Duke 200 is one of the most discussed motorcycles in many of motorcycles forums, this is 200cc motorcycles street-fighter looks from KTM which has good power and strong performance, the bike looks great with simple design. So, can Honda do it?

KTM Duke 200

When people feeling bored with 250cc sport-bike, I thing they need more variant motorcycles such as with 150cc or 200cc but with strong engine performance and also cheap of prices, this is the bold line from this article.

I want to see Honda 150cc streetbikes like this :
- Full light-weight street-fighter series like Honda CB1000R  .. ^_^
- 150cc, 4-stroke
- DOCH, 4-valve
- Liquid-coole
- Six-Speed transmission
- Delta-Box Frame
- Disc brakes system on the both of side
- Lower prices than CBR150R

2011 Honda CB1000R
2011 Honda CB1000R : Awesome streetfighter bikes from Honda

That is the perfect example for Honda streetfighter series, now I hope Honda will bring the CB1000R design to the new Honda 150cc street-fighter edition, if you want to ride it in 2012, you should better pray for it guys. I have one question for Honda motorcycles marketing teams, can you replace the CBR150R fairing parts and transform it to the streetfighter edition?. Enjoy brothers.


lalan said...

Jus spoke the words from mmy mouth...had the same feelin from months...waiting for 150cc street bikes:)

Admin said...

@lalan : Honda seemly will give it to you soon.. hopefully ^_^

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