Monday, 16 January 2012

2012 Honda VTR250

Well done !! the all new 2012 Honda VTR250 is ready to ride with CBR250R, yes Honda VTR250 is 250cc street-bikes and comes into 2012 Honda motorcycles line-up. Today, let see whats is the new thing from 2012 VTR250 edition but before you read it more, you have to know that Honda has not released the VTR250 in many country, so in this case, I will taken the 2012 Honda VTR250 product sample from Honda motorcycles Australia. So let's looks the bike here :

2012 Honda VTR250
Fantastic and best beginner motorcycles !! that is the perfect words for the new Honda VTR250 motorcycles, it's come with no fairing and so it's lighter than another 250cc in it's class like CBR250, VTR250 has 161kg of weight and CBR250R has 162kg. New 2012 VTR250 has been released with muscle street-bike style but still comfortable for all new rider even for women, you can easy to ride with with low seat height, it's around 775mm. 2012 Honda VTR250 has good engine, this bike powered by 250c of engine capacity, DOCH, V-Twin Engine, PGM-FI electronic fuel injection and 4-stroke series, oh yeah this 250cc bikes comes with only 5 speed manual transmission.

2012 Honda VTR250 - New Features !!
  1. Monoshock dampers with adjustable spring pre-load support the rear
  2. Low, comfortable seat that creates a confident riding position for riders of all proportions and skill levels
  3. Chamber-less muffler with oxygen sensor, pre-catalyser and main catalyser, ensuring that the catalytic converter system reduces exhaust emissions
  4. Liquid cooled 4-stroke DOHC 90° Vtwin engine
  5. PGMFI incorporates 6 sensors to accurately determine the optimal ignition timing and fuel injection. The result is fast, reliable ignition and exceptionally smooth, quick throttle response
Here's more, Honda VTR250 comes with disc brakes system on the both of side, front and rear brakes, twin piston with 296mm single disc brake on the front side while on the rear side uses 220mm disc with single piston caliper, okay it's more than enough for safety and comfortable ride. Basically, the all new 2012 Honda VTR250 can be on of the best motorcycles for beginner who want to ride a real stylish street bike from Honda, it's comes with tubular frame type which is looks better appearance and unique than another 250cc in the market, it's also has nice rear seat deign, cool handle-bar for better riding experience, and perfect with cast-wheels design. You should better wait more because I can't found about 2012 Honda VTR250 market share from Honda, so just like it. Congratulation for Honda motorcycles riders in Aussie, you got one. Enjoy your ride guys.


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