Saturday, 17 March 2012

Yamaha Nouvo SX

Yamaha Motorcycles released the all new automatic scooter Yamaha Nouvo SX (2013 edition), the all new Yamaha Nouvo SX now has comes with FI (Fuel-Injection), YMJET-FI. One thing that I surprised from Nouvo SX is absolutely awesome looks appears and beauty design, it has sporty and elegant, better than previous edition of Yamaha Nouvo series. It's totally the new modern scooters automatic from Yamaha, the sharp design and new FI tech has makes this bike so interesting for many motorcycle riders.

Yamaha Nouvo SX
Yamaha Nouvo SX has been born first in Vietnam (2012), Yamaha motorcycles Vietnam also released the new Nouvo RC edition (may it racing style edition? never know it). You have to check the front design of Yamaha Nouvo SX 2013 edition first, it's totally different with older series of Nouvo scooter.
Yamaha Nouvo SX 2013
As one of premium scooters from Yamaha, the all new "Nouvo SX" has comes with 124cc of engine capacity, so it's not only about the style, the power and performance also very important for Nouvo SX, this bikes reported has 7,78 Kw / 8.000 rpm of maximum power and 10,47 Nm / 6.000 rpm of maximum torque, not basd for 125cc scooters so far.

Yamaha Nouvo SX front head-lamp
There is a lot of changes of new Nouvo SX design, as you can see on the front side of Nouvo SX, the main lamp on the front has moved in to the front body, while many of scooters uses head lamp design, The Nouvo SX now comes with main front lamp on front body part, so the handle bar looks will lighter.

Yamaha Nouvo SX rear stop-lamp
Sharper style of lamps than before, that is the right words for Nouvo SX, don't forget than Nouvo SX adopted the projector lamp tech, so it will give more light for us. Turn to the rear side, the stop lamp and turn-lamp designed with modern looks, I can't say that is to standard, it's so amazing and if I have to tell the truth, new Nouvo SX is best Nouvo ever.

Back again to Nouvo SX variant, Yamaha Motorcycles Vietnam has shown 2 edition for it, there are Nouvo SX RC and Nouvo SX standard edition, looks at the images for more details about Nouvo SX RC VS Nouvo SX standard.
Yamaha Nouvo SX RCYamaha Nouvo SX standard
Yamaha Nouvo SX RC                   Yamaha Nouvo SX Standard

Hi-tech with Nice design of display on Yamaha Nouvo SX
Yamaha Nouvo SX digital odometer display
Display is one of the most important part from the bikes, it's will give riding information for the rider, Yamaha Nouvo SX looks has done with Digital Display features, it's also comes with very modern and beautiful design, great job from Yamaha. Remember, the digital display will easily to read for all riders, useful for safety and comfortable while we're on the road.

Last, "Yamaha Nouvo SX" is already to buy in Vietnam motorcycles market place, congratulation for all of you guys, and it's looks that Yamaha will also selling the all new Yamaha Nouvo SX 2013 in other country. So if you planning to buy a new 125cc scooter, Yamaha Nouvo SX is not bad for you and you can wait for it, it's beautiful bikes, modern looks, hi-tech engine with Yamaha Fuel-Injection System, and many more. Good luck.


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