Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Yamaha Mio J and Mio Fino Prices

Yamaha Motorcycles Indonesia has provided a prices list for Mio J and Mio Fino scooters, the bikes are the new 2012 scooters line-up from Yamaha that has been born with new looks and new fuel-tech (for Mio J), and both of scooters has released by Yamaha for Indonesian riders a few weeks ago.

What is “Mio J” means? well Yamaha Mio J is the next generation of Yamaha Mio series, and now the new edition of Mio (Mio J) series has equipped with new fuel-injection system, Yamaha claimed that it will better performance than Mio standard edition and it’s looks lower fuel consumption than Mio basic series. The style and design of new Yamaha Mio J also has better, it’s modern looks with compact style motorcycles size. Yamaha Mio J will available in 2 type, cast-wheels and also spoke-wheels. You can read about this bike here – Mio J.
Yamaha Mio J
What about the Fino series? In Indonesian market place, Fino is the first product from Yamaha Motorcycles that comes with new retro classic style, yes it’s classic style scooter with small engine capacity, unique style, classic looks appearance, and cute style, it's looks perfect for everyone who need a beautiful classic scooter which it combined with modern looks. If you want to know more about this bike you can read more it here - Mio Fino. And here we go the prices list.

Mio Fino
New 2012 Yamaha Mio J and Mio Fino Prices (IDR):
Mio Fino Sporty : 13,500,000
Mio Fino Fashion : 13,500,000
Mio Fino Classic : 13,650,000
Mio J-FI : 11,990,000
Mio J CW-FI : 12,800,000
Mio J-CW Teen FI 12,930,000
All prices information based from Yamaha Site at

As you can see on the price list, Yamaha Mio J prices has started from 11,999,000 (IDR) to 12,930,000 (IDR), the cheapest prices of Mio J is Mio J-FI series and it’s looks spoke-wheels edition, and for Mio Fino prices, it has started from 13,500,00 (IDR) to 13,650,000 (IDR).

In the beginning quarter of this year, Yamaha looks so aggressive in marketing their new products, is this caused by the rising of Honda? or other factors? well, whatever the reasons, the presence of a variety of new Yamaha products has provided many options for motorcycle enthusiasts, and I hope Yamaha will provide the same thing to the sport class series, and not just focus on the scooter type only. Hopefully.


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