Thursday, 16 February 2012

2012 Ninja 250R Top Speed

There is no much changed for 2012 Ninja 250r top speed, it's almost the same with previous edition of Ninja 250 motorcycle (2011 edition) and the new 2012 Kawasaki ninja 250r top speed claimed can run with up to 176 km/h (average). So, ff you thing that 2012 Ninja 250r will better performance than 2011 edition, you're wrong, as you can see here : 2012 Ninja 250 specs, 2012 Ninja 250R engine specs is almost the same with older edition, it still with 250cc, DOCH, Parallel-Twin engine, liquid-cooled with six speed transmission, so you can't found the new thing from 2012 Ninja engine specs.
2012 Ninja 250R
Actually, the top speed of 2012 Ninja 250 has good enough, the 250cc engine capacity and Parallel-twin engine type has make this beginner motorcycles produces awesome performance in it class, I know that today Honda also has released the all new CBR250R edition, it has 250cc, single cylinder with Fuel-Injection, CBR250R has shown good performance and fast acceleration, but for max top speed, I thing Kawasaki ninja 250 still better and the Ninja 250 engine looks perfect for long track.

Okay I don't care about the engine because it still worth for 250cc bikes, so what about the new features or style? is there any new things? well, unfortunately the design of new 2012 Kawasaki 250 still with old design, yes it's 100% likes 2011 edition, but wait,today, Kawasaki has replaced the R code on the bike, so it's now called Ninja 250 only and not Ninja 250R (read it in my older post). The new Ninja 250 also has comes with new colors scheme for red/orange edition.

What a bike that you need? style, top speed, or value prices? If you like to ride a 250cc 4-stroke with sport-bikes looks, 2012 Kawasaki 250 is still worth to buy, you can't find any bikes which it better top speed than Ninja 250 (in the same engine capacity and engine type), so it all about your needs, good luck and be smarts.


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