Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pulsar 200NS - Beauty Killer? - Bajaj Motorcycles

Pulsar 200NS is new 200cc motorcycles from Bajaj, it's comes with awesome beauty design and the engine specs looks good. As you know, Pulsar 200cc has comes with 200cc of engine capacity, liquid-cooled, 4-valve, and powered by Triple Spark technology!! while other Pulsar series uses dual-spark type, the Pulsar 200NS use 3 sparks!!. The most interesting from Pulsar 200cc is performance, well this bike reportedly produces 23.52PS @9500rpm of maximum power !! it's better than previous Pulsar 200 edition, and better than Pulsar 220. So, will it be the beauty killer for another motorcycles brands in it class? hmm looks interesting for me.
Pulsar 200NS
The battle in the premium "design and performance bikes" has begun, as we have seen, Honda motorcycles as one of the most important player in this battle has released a wide range of products, of course their flagship product is the CBR series. Honda has strengthened their lines with CBR150R and also CBR250R, both of the bikes are the premium Honda motorcycles and looks awesome. Now let see to Yamaha, Yamaha also has released their premium 150cc bikes with their latest product Yamaha R15 version 2, Yamaha has given a pretty bike but I was disappointed with new R15 performance, the specs and also performance of new R15 is almost the same with older series of Yamaha R15 edition, less than 20HP and i thing it's not enough for riders who need fast motorcycles product. What about Kawasaki, TVS and Suzuki, well I can't see more innovation from this brands to fight more in the middle premium class.
Pulsar 200NS
Pulsar 200NS Will it be the beauty killer?
Awesome design, cool appearance, good engine specs, and many more. Bajaj motorcycles looks smart, while other brands making a full sport fairing motorcycles like CBR or YZF-R15, Bajaj still confident with street-style, and Pulsar 200NS is the answer for it, Bajaj Pulsar 200NS can be the real motorcycles killer in this class!!, but we can't judge it more today and let see more real review of Pulsar 200NS in the next change, but I give two thumbs for Bajaj motorcycles for Pulsar 200NS series. great.


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