Saturday, 22 October 2011

Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 Power Doesn't Changed? Then What?

Yamaha R15 Version 2.0
Maybe a lot of Yamaha fans who have felt disappointed with the all new 2012 Yamaha R15 2.0 performance, as we known that this bike before released, reportedly will have better engine and better power performance, this bike rumored will have 20HP (horse power) of maximum power, but you know guys.. after this bike released into market, the power of Yamaha R15 just only around 17 PS @.8,500, so did you felt this bike bad?

But wait guys.. I actually felt that the all new 2011-2012 Yamaha R15 version 2.0 has many changed and more more better than previous Yamaha R15 edition. Please consider the Yamaha R15 2.0 pic below, can you see the all new thins of new Yamaha R15?
Yamaha R15 version 2.0 wallpaper

Yamaha R15 now with new Swing-Arm as real-sport motorcycles style

Yamaha R15 2.0 Swingarm
Sorry, if you have an old Yamaha R15 edition, you will love this new features, this is the big changed of new Yamaha R15 for 2011-2011 edition, this bike only has 150cc of engine displacement, but the design and also style like a monster sport-bike, it's almost same with Yamaha R6 style right? and the what's more? well Yamaha R15 2.0 now comes with Split-seat, wider rear tire, sharp front design, and many more.., you can read more features here ( Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 ). So,, if you are not satisfied with the all new Yamaha R15 engine power and performance, you should better look for another bikes in the market, like ninja 250, CBR250, even Yamaha R6 maybe, or other bikes with better engine performance and maybe larger engine capacity. But it's not only about performance dude, Yamaha R15 version 2.0 comes with ton of new features.

If I have to choose between CBR150 and R15, I will pic the all new Yamaha R15 2.0, why? I like the total sport-bike style and Yamaha R15 is it. Honda CBR150R is also a great bike, but the design and style is not so racy as Yamaha R15. What about the power? well I don't care about it and I thing the power is not so different, if I want a powerful bike, I will choose 600cc motorcycles. The points are, Yamaha R15 2.0 is not so powerful as I predicted and sorry it's bad for some riders who like a powerful motorcycles, but Yamaha R15 features and style has amazed me. Good job for body work and nothing to say for engine performance.


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