Thursday, 16 February 2012

Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR 2012 Edition - Real Bike Pics

Finally, we can see the original and real pictures of the all new Ninja 150 RR 2012 edition, as one of the legend bikes from Kawasaki motorcycles which have a high charisma, it seems that Kawasaki will not stop producing these motorcycles, even though the engine has used the 2-stroke, Ninja 150RR will still be sold for a few years. Well, actually, we have seen recent picture Ninja RR 2012 150cc 2-stroke in this article : Is it Ninja 150 RR 2012?, but the picture still looks faintly visible, it's not so clear, today I found the original photo of the latest 2012 Ninja 150 RR edition and there is a lot of changes which it have been seen, and you can consider yourself on images below.

Kawasaki Ninja RR 2012
For the engine parts, Kawasaki motorcycles seems still satisfied with the ability of these 2-stroke engine performance, nothing has changed to the engine section, this means the 2012 edition of the Ninja 150RR engine certainly will be the same as the previous Ninja RR engine. So, what is the new things from Kawasaki Ninja RR 2012 edition? well it's looks comes for new faring design, new speedometer/dashboard style, and it's has rumored that new Ninja RR 2012 will lighter of weight than older edition.
Ninja RR 2012
New Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR 2012 Edition, Lime Green colors series.

The new Ninja RR 2012 2-trokes looks so cool, it has totally better than older edition, the new headlamp design is almost the same with the Kawasaki 250 series, but it's looks smaller of dimension. Turn to rear side, new RR has comes with sharp style, this is one of the most beautiful changes for new Ninja RR. (pics via :TMCBlog)

Previous edition of Kawasaki Ninja 150RR
Previous edition of Kawasaki Ninja 150RR
As we know, Kawasaki Ninja 150RR 2-strokes also available in many countries, partly in Asia, in Japan, even I've seen this bike running in Africa, but Ninja RR 2-strokes has named with many variant likes 150KRR, ZX150R, and many more, so if you see the 2-stroke Kawasaki bike running in your country, it would be Ninja 150 2-stroke. Ninja 150 is one of the best motorcycles from Kawasaki, this bike has been born with many rivals like Honda NSR, Suzuki FXR, and others, but a lot of motorcycles manufactures has stopped the production, but not for Kawasaki, Kawasaki still producing Ninja RR and it has been released in many country until today. Well, for the first time, Kawasaki motorcycles will introduce this bike in Indonesia market place, and the scheduled launch has rumored to be held in March, next month in this year, 2012. How cost for Ninja 150 RR 2012 edition? it's seem will not so far with older prices, but looks will more expensive. Will it comes to other country? well I don't know but I thing yes, many of motorcycle riders love the 2-strokes engine, it fast acceleration, awesome top speed, and low engine maintenance, and the sound looks so special right? well let see it more in the next chance.


Anonymous said...

come to malaysia pleaseeee
planned to buy ninja 150, but when i see this... damn i'll wait for it to come here T_T

Admin said...

I hope it so...
Ninja 150 2-stroke is still worth to buy, specially for high performance or top speed motorcycles lover, just wait for it dude.

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