Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012 !! and Thanks to Motorcyces riders

Happy new year 2012 !! Well, it's the best time for us to plan a new life, and lets think to make it more better than 2011. Well, before we talk more about motorcycles in this year, let see what is your needs for this year from a bike.

First, specially for Kawasaki ninja 250 users and visitors, I want to says thanks you very very much for your attention and your participation so far, I know that this motorcycles blog is not only talking about Ninja 250, but I have to try write more about our favorite bike (Kawasaki 250), as we know, there is a lot of Ninja 250R aspect that we can discusses, but it's has limited by my knowledge and limited information on the air, So I have to say sorry if there any mistake or wrong information on this blog that has posted by me. For ninja 250r lovers, there is no new edition available for Ninja 250 bike series, Kawasaki has not make more changes for 2012 Ninja 250R edition, they just putted a new colors and decal for 2012 edition, sorry for that.

For all motorcycles riders and visitors, truly we can find more than one fresh motorcycles product. In 2011, Honda motorcycles has released a new strong arrival for Kawasaki 250 series, that is New Honda CBR250R, this is a happy news for all 250cc motorcycles riders who need another brand behind Kawasaki with Ninja 250 series, there is also another motorcycles manufacture that has already with new 250cc bike like Hyosung with GTR250, Suzuki also has reportedly will release the all new 2012 Suzuki GW250 for Asian market, this bike also has released in U.K, Suzuki has give a name with Innazuma 250.
2012 Ducati Panigale
For premium class motorcycles, we can meet a new Suzuki Hayabusa, 2012 Ninja ZX-14R, Ducati Panigale, and others. In this class, we can easily to choose, I have to say that Hayabusa and ZX-14R are in the same position, I mean both of bikes has showed a strong power and great performance as hybrid motorcycles. Ducati with the all new Panigale has get more attention from many of motorcycles riders, it's caused the engine of Ducati Panigale has impressive tech and performance.

Well, this year look will better than before, I'm as one of motorcycles riders want to see a new move from motorcycles brand likes Kawasaki in 2008 with new Ninja 250 and Honda in 2011 with CBR250R. We will see it in the next of months this years, keep tune and enjoy your new days in 2012.

Happy new years and remember, safety ride in the number one. Good luck


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