Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Kawasaki Fury / Athlete Features - Cheap Motorcycles from Kawasaki

We know that Kawasaki is very popular with Kawasaki Ninja series, but sometimes, we need more variant and Cheap Motorcycles for beginner rider. Kawasaki Fury or Kawasaki Athlete is one of them, it's very cheap and perfect for all new rider. It's not Kawasaki full sport bike, but i thing Kawasaki Fury or Kawasaki Athlete is very value and nice to try.. So.. what you can get from this Cheap Kawasaki Motorcycle? okay.. let see..

Kawasaki Fury / Athlete Features :
1. 124,6CC Of Motorcycles Engine Capacity
2. Air Cooled
3. 4Stroke
4. 4 Speed with rotary system
5. Racing Rim and double disk brake
6. mono-shock with paralel link unitrack suspension system
And what about Kawasaki Fury/Athlete Price? it's defending your country, but it's very cheap. So.. if you looking for nice design, great basic Motorcycles features and Mono-shock Suspension Motorcycles, Double disk brake, you can try it.. you can also read Kawasaki Athlete Specification for more information about it..


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