Wednesday, 30 November 2011

2011 Honda CBX 250 Twister - 250cc Honda Motorcycles

For the lovers of 250cc motorcycles, 2011 Honda CBX 250 Twister has been present for you, this is 250cc motorcycle from Honda with balance value price to performance. Before you try to know more about this Honda bike, there is one thing that you should to note, Honda CBX 250 Twister IS NOT the same as the CBR250R, they have a different looks type, but still with the same engine capacity, 250cc, and also DOCH. Well, as we know, when the people were busy talking about the all new CBR250R, Honda has actually had a 250cc motorcycle, the bike is named CBX 250 Twister, if you visiting to the official website Honda Argentina, then you will see this 250cc motorcycle. 2011 Honda CBX 250 Twister is sport bike family from Honda Argentina motorcycles with a good appearance and the engine performance has enough for a beginner, this bike looks interesting to be discuss together.

2011 Honda CBX 250 Twister Red

As has been said by Honda, Honda CBX 250 twister is a suitable sport motorbike for bikers who already know about motorcycles engine and wished for a motorcycle which has a good performance. For looks appears, 2011 Honda CBX 250 twister comes with 3 colors available, black color, red color and the last is white color edition.
2011 Honda CBX 250 Twister

2011 CBX 250 Twister design and style

Honda CBX 250 Twister is known as sport motorcycle with sporty design, it's integrated baffles to the fuel-tank and nice sharp look of side covers. On the front side, 2011 CBX 250 also has sharp eye / head lamp with simple design as real-sport bike gen. Comes with aluminum alloy of wheels, ultra-light graphite color, high volume exhaust, aerodynamic fender lines, CBX 250 has made for real riders who need 250cc motorcycles with good performance of engine but still cool appearance, don't worry about the comfortable, 2011 Honda 250 Twister also has easy to handling, it's make comfort for riding in the city even for touring.

2011 Honda CBX 250 key features
- 249cc, DOCH, 4-stroke, single cylinder
- Air-cooled
- Carburetor size 30 mm
- 6 speed transmission
- Front disc brake 276 mm
- Rear drum brake 130 mm
- 130mm Telescopic front fork
- 100 mm Rear Monoshock
- Front tire : 100/80 - 17/M/C 52S
- Rear tire : 130/70 - 17/M/C 62S

Is it complete 250cc motorcycles? no absolutely not, 2011 Honda CBX 250 Twister has missed the Liquid-cooled, fuel injection system, rear disc brake and others, but so far, the price and also motorcycles performance is more than enough for beginner rider who need to try the 250cc motorcycles class. In the first paragraph, i have told you that 2011 Honda CBX 250 Twister is good value to performance bike, if you needn't rear disc brake, injection system, or liquid-cooled, the 2011 Honda CBX 250 Twister with 250cc DOCH engine is perfect for you.


fatmi said...

Honda is one of my favorite brands, maybe I am interested in its name. but the speed of this bike is not to my expectations, may be i expect above 250.

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