Friday, 2 December 2011

New Aprilia SRV 850 - Super Scooter

Super scooter !! that is the perfect name for the all new Aprilia SRV 850. well, as we know, the scooters is always "synonymous" with a small engine capacity, but not for SRV 850, the new Aprilia SRV 850 has comes with a formidable motorcycle engine, the latest scooter from Aprilia has has comes with 850cc of engine displacement !! the super scooter now already to ride for all of you and guys this is one of the tough powerful scooter ever. Aprilia seems wanted to provide something new for their fans, if we are already bored with the sport-bike series and we do not have much choice for scooter variant, new Aprilia SRV 850 is the answer for all of us. At first glance, SRV 850 scooter looks almost the same with other scooter, the shape, tire, windshield, this 850cc scooter seems is not too much different with other scooter. Comfortable riding seen from this Aprilia scooter, as you can see the seat style look fine for comfortable ride.

New Aprilia SRV 850
Aprilia label for SRV 850 = "power, balance, a sports spirit and design"

Why must super scooter? check this out !!

Aprilia SRV 850 features
- 850cc of engine capacity
- 2 cylinder 90° V 4 valve engine
- Fuel-inejction
- 55.9 kW @ 7,750 rpm of maximum power
- 76.5 Nm @ 6,000 rpm of maximum torque

This scooter produces more than 50kW of maximum power, see it? it's powerful motorcycles from Aprilia that comes with scooter style. The seat style, headlamp, windshield, double disc brake, looks awesome. I have not found the prices and also full specifications of new Aprilia SRV 850 so far, (Des, 2011), but lets see it in the next post when the Aprilia release more information about this super scooter 850cc. Enjoy your ride.


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