Monday, 6 June 2011

Wake Up Ducati !! - MotoGP 2011

Wake Up Ducati !! that is the right words warning for Ducati MotoGP 2011 team, if I have to tell the truth, I was very disappointed with the Ducati performance in this MotoGP 2011 session, Ducati has never become the first winner, in fact no matter what? on race last week Ducati did not even enter the podium !! in fact where is the problem, Is Ducati MotoGP 2011 motorcycle series, or Valentino Rossi who do not yet fit with the Ducati?

I never expect a lot to this couple and I once wrote that Ducati and Valentino Rossi will be the greatest couples in this MotoGP 2011 season, but yeah it turns out all wrong.
Valentino Rossi Ducati
Team that has the best performance it is owned by Honda (so far June 2011), Stoner and Honda have a very good performance, this new couple has even become the best in a few races ago, I was hoping so much to the Ducati MotoGP team to make more better racing experience, because Ducati and Rossi came from Italy, so they can actually show better performance than today. Now let us hope that Ducati could improve its performance in the game in the next race, in fact, the 2011 season was the season that I looked forward to, because there are many changes in this season, many drivers who move the bow. Okay Ducati.. wake up now and give me more your MotoGP power and performance.. !!

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