Thursday, 13 January 2011

2011 Ducati with Valentino Rossi

Finally, here is the real Ducati motorcycles for Valentino Rossi, they are no FIAT logo and come with shiny colors. Today, Ducati Rossi is one word that very interesting for me, the new Valentino Rossi Bike looks like another Vale bikes before, yeah there are 46 number on the front bike, and also shiny yellow-green colors as Rossy symbol. There are the unique things from 2011 Rossi Ducati
2011 Ducati with Valentino Rossi
This bike was showing at 2011 Wrooom, Dolomites, Italy
I don't know where is FIAT? After Rossi move and join to Ducati, FIAT leave Yamaha, I thing FIAT will join with Ducati and Valentino Rossi, but you can see on the Rossi Ducati bike, there is no FIAT..

2011 Ducati Rossi bike still with RED as primary colors, it's the Ducati Flagship. but there is some changed, yeah there is Rossi colors. If I looks in to the Ducati Rossi bike, I thing the new Ducati colors is more fun, there is new colors "fresh Yellow-green". It's the right time for Ducati and Rossi to show their partenship as Duo Italy. Great bike !!


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