Friday, 20 August 2010

Rossi Ducati - Best MotoGp Team in 2011 ?

Well, as you know that Rossi has confirmed and He will join with Ducati in 2011, so "Rossi Ducati" can be the best motogp team in 2011? i thing yes they will. Valentino Rossi is one of the best Moto Gp rider, He have more award and win more moto gp race than another Moto Gp Rider, The Italian Moto GP rider also have a good entertainment, so.. people like him more than another rider. Ducati, the fast motorcycles come to Moto GP, they have a good changes with Rossi in Moto GP 2010.

ducati corse
"Rossi Ducati" will be the best couple in moto gp team, yeah Rossi and Ducati is Italian. So they have more relation, But wait, The Ducati Moto GP Motorcycles is very fast and hard to control, you can see that Stoner is always crash in some moto gp race. So.. Can Rossi handle it?
valentino rossi
I'm as kawasaki ninja 250R & Motorcycles blog owner hope that Rossi Ducati can make more entertainment and give more Moto GP Race experience, the best Italian Motorcycles come with "The Doctor" Valentino Rossi..will it be the Best MotoGp Team in 2011 ? who know..


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