Wednesday, 13 October 2010

New 2010 Honda CBR 250 VS Ninja 250R

Can New 2010 Honda CBR 250 fight with Ninja 250R? news about the coming of 2010 New Honda cbr 250 is very terrible, We as motorcycles lover and consumers will be feeling pleased, Today We can only buy a Honda cbr 600, Cbr 1000R, and another CBR series, but New Honda CBR 250R will be the star in 250cc motorcycles if Honda can make the best marketing plan for their new product. Now there is information that gives info that New Honda Cbr 250 will be launched. Now we will see , So what about the The Kawasaki Ninja 250R? kawasaki ninja zx 250r is a motorcycle for beginners, ninja 250r has a design that very beautiful and well enough energy, with a Kawasaki, Honda CBR 250 seems to be struggling hard to attract the attention of bikers. New 2010 Honda CBR 250 VS Ninja 250R, which is the best?

New 2010 Honda CBR 250
Truly, Both of CBR 250R and Ninja 250R is almost same, still with 250cc of engine displacement. It's mean power from both of motorcycles is not so far for one and another. one thing that Honda must thing is design and also features. Let see.. the Ninja 250R used classic speedometer, and it's the lack of Ninja 250r, Honda must have the amazing features as like digital speedometer.. so thing more than Ninja 250..

We will see the full complete about CBR 250 soon.. in some country, The New 2010 Honda CBR will bring by Honda to Motorcycles Show.. so keep watching the latest information about this CBR series.. kawasaki ninja 250r and cbr 250r is perfect for 250cc user..


qaz said...

thanks for your information. i was very confused in choosing a bike.i'w like to have CBR250R, but my frnds & parents sugstd for the Bullet 500.
bullet is a gr8 bike. but its a heavy bike with a royal look. y do we think so old? i decided to hav a Honda CBR250R.

And your review was great.

Ganjar .N said...

@gaz : thank's for your opinion.. gaz. if you like a cheap prices with great models, you can choose Honda CBR250R, but if you like more powerbike than CBR250R, you can choose Ninja ZX250.. IMHO, I like 600cc motorcycles than 500cc i mean Bullet 500 series .. so it's defending your need
Here is idea for your ride from Me
CBR250R, Ninja Zx250R, or New Suzuki GW250.. for 600CC bikes here..
CBR 600R, Ninja ZX6R, Suzuki GSX-R600, or Ducati series .. Lol.. Good luck Gaz..

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