Thursday, 3 March 2011

Termignoni Exhaust Ducati - For real Ducati rider

Did you know about this Exhaust brand? Termignoni Exhaust Ducati I means it's for Ducati motorcycles, but guys don't worry, if you have another motorcycles brand as like Yamaham Honda or also Kawasaki, you can still use this Exhaust. Today, Termignoni Exhaust Ducati have more than one series and I thing it's almost complete type for all variant of Ducati Motorcycles such as for Ducati 848, Ducati Monster series, Ducati 999, Ducati 696 and others. Termignoni Exhaust produced high performance and also great looks, yeah a lot of Ducati motorcycles owner used this Exhaust because the style and performance.

Here is some info about this Exhaust
Reference from

1. Founded in 1969 by Mr Luigi Termignoni
2. Racing Exhaust production began in 1970
3. Wins in SuperBike World Championship in 1980
4 First Titanium prototypes made in 1990
5. Used on Yamaha MotoGP bikes 2002-2004.
6. MotoGP Championship with Valentino Rossi 2004

"Termignoni exhaust systems are made from aluminium,stainless steel, titanium and carbon fibre to give a lightweight pipe and silencer system with excellent power output and a gorgeous sound. Termignoni exhaust provide a deep booming sound which echos over a great distance which gets admiration from anywhere you go" (quoted from

Termignoni Exhaust Ducati is for real Ducati rider who want to get more power, more performance, more style and also it's all about good Exhaust product.


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