Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Honda CBR250R - Indonesia coming soon !!

Honda CBR250R Indonesia - coming soon !! Guys.. Honda CBR250R is the most interesting 250cc motorcycles today, with only 250cc and sporty fairing design, Honda CBR250R is good value motorcycles for beginner. Today, i found news about Honda CBR250R and it will be present in Indonesia, if you are a fan of Honda motorcycles, and if you live in Indonesia, there is good news for you. Honda CBR 250R will soon be present in Indonesia, no long time again !! and the time looks like same with Honda CBR250R India, let see together. Actually, Honda cbr250r has been present in some countries, such as in Thailand and several countries in Europe, in America, Honda cbr250r America has attended and given a price that is almost the same as Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Wow it's a price war !!
Honda CBR250R - Indonesia
From some information that I found, Honda cbr250r will be present in two types in Indonesia, Honda CBR250R ABS and CBR 250R standard. To achieve a success in the market, Honda should be selling Honda cbr250r with the right price, because there is kawasaki ninja 250 that have more performance engine which is better than Honda cbr250r (double cylinder vs single cylinder).

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The New Honda CBR250R will be the Honda Motorcycles flagship in Indonesia, there are no 250cc motorcycles from Honda, so, if Honda CBR250R has ready in the market, The number one of Honda motorcycles will be in the Honda CBR250R hands. Let see together.


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