Sunday, 6 March 2011

Kawasaki ZXR 400 - Specs and Performance

This is time for Kawasaki again. Today, Let's talk about Kawasaki ZXR 400 it's the medium class after 250cc and before 500cc and 600cc class. Kawasaki ZXR 400 powered with almost 400cc of engine displacement, still with DOCH engine, Kawasaki ZXR 400 is one of my favorite Kawasaki motorcycles series, Why? I don't know but I thing The ZXR 400 power and also performance is good enough for beginner. You can see the Kawasaki ZXR 400 Specs below :
Kawasaki ZXR 400
Kawasaki ZXR 400 Specs
Model year 1989–1999
Class Sport bike
Engine 398 cc (24.3 cu in) DOHC inline 4
Bore / Stroke 57 × 39 mm (2.2 × 1.5 in)
Top speed 221 km/h (137 mph)
Power 45.6–47.8 kW (61.2–64.1 hp)
Dimensions L 1,995–2,035 mm (78.5–80.1 in)
Seat height 760–765 mm (30–30.1 in)
Weight 159 kg (350 lb) (dry)
163 kg (360 lb) (wet)
Fuel capacity 16 L (3.5 imp gal; 4.2 US gal)
(specs and pic from wikipedia)

What about Kawasaki ZXR 400 performance? You can see it, The max power of Kawasaki ZXR 400 is around 60HP !! it's good enough for 400cc motorcycles class, if you're the speed freaks lover, you can get fast running with this Kawasaki 400cc series, 221km/h of top speed is fast!! are you ready for running on your bike with more than 200km/h? So.. I thing, Kawasaki ZXR 400 is good bike from Kawasaki, but we know that this bike has been discontinued, but you can still get this bike (used kawasaki zxr 400). Have fun guys.


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