Monday, 14 February 2011

Kawasaki W650 Features

Kawasaki W650 is one of the old motorcycles from kawasaki, this is the retro style motorcycles with almost 700cc of engine capacity. The power of Kawasaki w650 is enough for riding in the city, yeah it's around 50bhp / 37kw. There is a lot of Kawasaki w650 features as like 8 valves bikes, lcd odometer and also good retro design. So check this is the key features of Kawasaki W650
Kawasaki W650
Kawasaki W650 Features
1. 360° crank angle
2. 72 mm bore x 80 mm stroke "long-stroke" engine
3. chrome fenders
4. real rubber fork gaiters and
5. faux-Smiths gauges
6. alloy rims and
7. peashooter mufflers
8. kickstarter

Modern features:
1. 8 valves
2. LCD odometer and clock hiding in the speedo face
3. electronic speed & RPM meter
4. bungee hooks
5. centerstand
6. seat lock
7. integral steering lock
8. neutral finder
9. electric starter
10.front disc brake
11.carburetor heating device
(features and pics reference:wikipedia)

Kawasaki w650 is middle class retro classical motorcycles from Kawasaki ( more specs here : kawasaki w650 specs), good design, enough power with 50bhp and also cheap prices around (msrp :MSRP $6,500 USD) it's $2500 more than kawasaki 250. Great value for middle class motorcycles.


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