Sunday, 13 February 2011

49cc moped - easy, cheap, and also fun ride

49cc moped is not bad, it's still useful bikes. Today, we always found a huge powerful motorcycles with more than 600cc of engine capacity, but is it really needed for us? it's defending your daily needs!! I thing 49cc moped or also 50cc moped/scooters is more useful with best value, yeah it's easy, cheap and also fun.
49cc moped yamaha aerox
For example is Yamaha Aerox, Yamaha Aerox is 49cc moped from Yamaha, design and also performance is enough for your daily activity, The Aerox R series is more sporty 49cc moped ever from Yamaha. See? It's fun dude. And truly there is still available another 50cc bike motor in the market as like Aprilia 50cc, Honda Dio, Kawasaki AR 50, Suzuki Rg 50 and others.
Peugeot Speedfight 2 50cc
Peugeot Speedfight 2 50 cc is one of my favorite 49cc moped from Peugeot motorcycles, the sporty design and also easy and compact design is the most important key from 49cc moped features. So guys.. I just want to tell you that 49cc moped is fun for riding in the city, and it's can be your second motorcycles, maybe it's also perfect for woman bikes or also kids bikes. "49cc moped" is real easy bikes, cheap price and also all about fun riding. Good luck.


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