Saturday, 20 November 2010

Honda CBR250R in Germany will be available soon

That's all right, Honda CBR250R in Germany will be available soon !!, after in Thailand, Honda cbr250r will be present also in Germany. Why can I say like this?, because Germany is on the list of countries which will sell Honda cbr250r, i found it on Honda official website. to see any country, you can see here on my old post. So if you are a fan of Honda CBR, and you are in Germany, please be patient, Honda cbr250r will be present in your country !!.

honda cbr250r
Presence of Honda cbr250r has giving the new nuances for fans of cbr. if all this time we can only see the development cbr600 and cbr1000, Honda finally provides option for beginner class, I think Honda will be successful in Germany if Honda do the smart advertising for their New Honda CBR250R. we all know, kawasaki ninja 250 is one of the strongest competitor. so, it's all depends on the management of Honda CBR250R. if you see the performance, Ninja 250R is more than Honda cbr250r, but if you see the design and price in thailand, cbr250r cheaper than ninja 250R. This is a difficult choice for us .. see more about Honda CBR250R here..

1. Honda CBR250R colors
2. Honda CBR250R Specs

So guys.. for all of you in Germany, please be patient.. and keep smart to choice.. Honda CBR250R is cheaper than Ninja250R in another country, but i don't know in Germany, I hope cheap also..
Good luck...


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