Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Suzuki Raider 150 is too small bikes?

I always confuse to choice a right bike for me and also for my family, for example about Suzuki Raider 150, my family thing that raider 150 is too small for us, really? Actually, Suzuki raider 150 now come with great design, with new headlamp design, I thing Raider 150 is perfect for daily activity, compact fast under-bone bike with 150cc of engine displacement and of course it's DOCH engine motor bike. But guys, if you have a big family you need more than it, I know a car is the best answer but what about the simple ride for riding alone?

My Family things that the Suzuki Raider 150 is not for family, Raider 150 designed only for 2 people riding together or just alone. But, I thing She's wrong, If I have a baby, I can still ride the Suzuki 150 with my wife and also my Baby ^_^..., the problem is when the baby come to be a child. That's the problem, the Raider seat is not wide and large, so.. it's not for big family with 1 kids.. you know what I means..

I love this Suzuki 150cc series because, Raider or also Suzuki Satria FU / Belang (another name of Raider 150 in another country) is cheap bike, I thing Raider 150 is best value bike with great and awesome performance. Simple and also fast speed is the big value from Suzuki Raider 150. Here is my tips guys.. If you want to have Suzuki Raider 150cc series, don't married!! ha.. ha.. because, if you have a smart wife, you can't get the Raider 150, your wife need a big motorcycles or a car, if course it's from my experience only.. Good luck.


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