Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Police have arrested my motorbike!

A few month ago, when I was riding a motorcycle, police suddenly stop my motorbike, what's my mistake? it turns out the cause is my racing exhaust on my motorbike. Oh no.. Guys, actually, my racing exhaust is not too noisy, the sound produced from my racing exhaust is still relatively quiet, not so noisy, but maybe I'm unlucky, the police have arrested my motorbike .. an unlucky day for me.
police pics
(Pic: mravic.org.au for illustration only)
I'm really confused, if all racing exhaust banned? what is the standard sound which must be owned by a motorcycle muffler? if you're a motorcycle mechanic, you will know that and will understand, yeah you know it the motorcycles exhaust can raise our motorcycles performance, so.. if we want to increase the speed of motorcycles, increase the motorcycles performance, replacing a motorcycle exhaust with racing series is one way to get more power from your bike.

So guys, please remember and be carefully, if you has changed your standard motorcycles exhaust/muffler with New raing exhaust/muffler, don't go anywhere or the police will stop your motorbike!


Hannah Parkin said...

I'm very curious as to what happened to your bike after it got confiscated. How long did it stay in prison? LOL! My dad's bike had the same experience. My dad was flagged down by police the other day, but they didn't write him a ticket or anything. He was just asked to put a beeter muffler on his bike because it was too loud.

Admin said...

Your father is very lucky, I was not brought to the police station, police warn only me and gave me a ticket. Thanks for sharing

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