Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Kawasaki Ninja 150R - Fast Bike with best prices !!

Kawasaki Ninja 150R is one of the Kawasaki Ninja 150 Series, this bike is 2-stroke motorcycles and it's fast bike with best prices from Kawasaki Motorcycles. If you try to find the best value motor bike for speed test, you should better check this bike. I always going to my friend, and when I'm on the road, I found a lof of Kawasaki Ninja 150R rider, They are the speed freaks !! yeah I don't know why the ninja 150 series always run fast than other bike? and the answer is 2-strokes Kawasaki Ninja 150R is awesome !!
Kawasaki Ninja 150r
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For all Ninja 150R rider, we know that there is one part that can make Kawasaki Ninja 150R run fast.. that's all right Kawasaki Ninja Super Kips technology,
So what about the kawasaki ninja 150r prices? well let see : (estimated $1=Rp.9000)
Kawasaki Ninja 150R  L series (new headlamp) prices : Rp.24.750.000
Kawasaki Ninja 150R  N series (rounded lamp)prices: Rp.24.550.000
Kawasaki Ninja 150R  M series (rounded lamp, spoke whell) prices Rp.22.000.000
(note: Ninja 150 prices may not 100% accurate and may change with out notice)

Kawasaki Ninja 150R Power : 30,1 PS  @ 10.500 RPM !!
yeah it's easy to get more than 150KMH with Kawasaki Ninja 150R series.. need more another info about kawasaki ninja series?check this out = more ninja prices, Kawasaki Ninja 150 technology, kawasaki ninja super kips problem.
Okay.. have fun


lukmanpratin said...

Kawasaki Ninja 150R forever!!!

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