Friday, 15 October 2010

Ninja RR The Best 2 stroke Kawasaki 150cc Motorcycles

I don't have another words to say for this Kawasaki motorcycles series i just want to tell you that ninja rr is the phenomenal 2 stroke bike !! That's is the truth.. Kawasaki 150cc motorcycles is one of the best motorcycles for speed freak, it's very fast motorcycles, until now, in some country, this ninja rr series or also we can called zx150 KRR still the best for fastest motorcycles category, why? i ever tell you that it's 2 stoke bike as like Aprilia RS125 or Yamaha TZM 150.Why i called this kawasaki motorcycles is the best bike? It's because Kawasaki always give more series for ninja 150 series, they also still selling this 2 stroke motorcycles in kawasaki dealers. Great job !! it's mean, we are as speed lover still and can buy the fresh and new ninja rr !!

Ninja RR

Why the ninja rr 150 so popular? guys.. it's all about riding experience, you must to know that 2 stroke motorcycles is different with 4 stroke motorcycles, 2 stroke is faster than 4 stroke in same class as like in 150cc series, what's more from kawasaki ninja rr? Ninja RR one of the best 2 stroke motorcycles come with many features as like Super KIPS !! what is that? you can read it more on my older post blog. Some people feel bad about 2 stroke in the future, but guys.. if you love it, you can buy it.. whatever will happen in the next future about 2 stroke life..

Update (June 2012) : 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR

Truly, Kawasaki Motorcycles have another choice for low CC displacement, that's right, the ninja 250 series. But it's not 2 stroke but it's 4 stroke, what about power? it's seem like ninja rr 150, yeah 2 of both motorcycles have almost 30HP !! .. Is it enough for daily activity? i thing yes.. if you like the real super sport motorcycles from Kawasaki, you can try ninja zx-6r or ninja zx-10r series.. For me.. Ninja RR still the best.. and i love it.. great performace, great riding experience and also great prices !! It's under ninja zx 250r !!..


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