Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Kawasaki Ninja 150 KRR Facelift !!

Here is the New Kawasaki Ninja 150 KRR Facelift !! After a long - long time, Finally Kawasaki have a great new changes of ninja 150 rr version. Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR Facelift design come with many changes as like new racing color stripping and rear front view / tail has been changed.

Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR Facelift
You can see that it's really great changes from Kawasaki Motorcycles. i never know when The New Kawasaki Ninja 150 KRR Facelift will release by Kawasaki, but i think in the next years or in the last month of 2010.
Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR Facelift
One thing that i like from Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR facelift is new body design fairing, great under-tail and it's looks like Kawasaki 250CC, yeah that's right it's like Kawasaki Ninja 250R, but ninja 250 body style wider than it.

Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR is the legend 2 stroke motor sport bike from Kawasaki, the Ninja 150 two stroke have a "big power" and more than 30HP !!, actually, there is two version of Kawasaki Ninja 150, there are Ninja 150R and Ninja 150RR or also called Ninja 150 KRR or Ninja ZX150.

Features of Kawasaki Ninja 150 KRR :
1. 150CC two stroke motorcycles
2. Super KIPS technology
3. Front brakes and rear brakes with disc
4. Full fairing Motorsport style
5. Cheaper than Honda CBR 150RR (defending your country)
6. Power more than 30Hp and Max top speed around 150 KMH -170 KMH for standart edition

So.. if you want to buy Kawasaki Ninja 150 KRR series, you should better wait until the new kawasaki ninja 150 RR facelift ready in your Kawasaki motorcycles dealer.
(picture source and credit to :iwanbanaran.wordpress.com/)
Okay that's it.. i will update this news just wait dude..

*updated September 2011
- check here -> the new 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 150RR design (Spy Shot Pic)


aditya said...

there is two version of Ninja 150 KRR on 2010 year production. one with the facelift, and the other with original design. Both version have the same color livery (green-black). i have a 2010 ninja 150 krr, and i once had test it top speed up to 190 km/h at Tuban road way east java. my bike is 100% full standard, and my weight is 65kg. i kept my head down on the fuel tank and i can saw clear the speedometer for about 1 to 1,5 second to convinced the speedo's indicator needle and numbers. the superkips keep the power always full charge on high revs rpm. and the radiator works very great to the machine heat. Both superkips and the radiator have kept the performance's stability for 4 hours revives on my touring endurance. i'm much satisfied with this bike. it's a fast lightweight bike i can ensure you.

Admin of Ninja 250R Blog said...

@to Aditya : thanks for your experience, I believe in you.. Ninja 2 stroke is one of the best value bike from Kawasaki

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