Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Kawasaki Ninja 150R vs Yamaha Vixion

Kawasaki Ninja 150R vs Yamaha Vixion, this is the question for me from my brother, i have one brother that at this time he want to buy motorcycle, but he is very confused because he have 2 motorcycle to choice, yeah Kawasaki Ninja 150R and Yamaha Vixion, who is the better? i don't know. But if you ask me about this, i will choice kawasaki ninja 150 r, why? because i know about engine kawasaki ninja 150 r, yup... the greatest 2stroke in my country !!

We must see this problem at two side, motorcycle model or appear and engine performance, Yamaha Vixion have a good appear and model, but kawasaki ninja 150r engine is more power full and more great than Yamaha Vixion, yeah because kawasaki ninja 150r still used 2stroke engine, and Yamaha V-ixion has used 4stroke engine. Guys.. this is only my opinion, you can choice what do you want, for me, Yamaha Vixion is ok, but i still love Kawasaki 150R, green color on the road !!! You may also look more closer about kawasaki ninja 150 krr, this is the perfect 150cc class from kawasaki ninja series, great model and engine performance !!


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