Sunday, 27 December 2009

Kawasaki Edge - New motorcycle from Kawasaki

New Kawasaki Edge - Hi guy, at this time i want to share you about Kawasaki Edge, yeah Kawasaki Edge is the New and fresh motorcycle from Kawasaki, this bike from Kawasaki Indonesia. Kawasaki Edge used 110cc Engine Powered. We know that at this class, i mean at 110cc Engine, a lot of another motorcycle product, Kawasaki edge must fight more hard to get the buyer. You can see at the Kawasaki Edge picture below, Edge is very different with Blitz or Joy, more styles, more futuristic !!  

New style, new design, Kawasaki Edge is absolutely great !!

New Panel Indicator display, this is looks more fresh !!
Great Work Kawasaki !!! I like Kawasaki Edge, at this moment, i think this is the best design for Kawasaki Motorcycle variant for 110cc Engine variant..


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