Saturday, 28 November 2009

Difference kawasaki ninja rr, krr and r

Many people who do not know what the difference between kawasaki ninja rr, KRR and r. Actually it all depends on the engine and body kit. Kawasaki Ninja RR have been using fairing and engine using super kips, while the type Kawasaki ninja r does not use the fairing and was not using superkips, but the year is now all  kawasaki ninja 150r variant motorcycles have used the technology used by his brother is using the technology super kips. While ninja kawasaki KRR all the specifications are nearly identical or even similar to kawasaki ninja rr.
This does not apply to all types of motorcycles kawasaki ninja rr and kawasaki ninja r, the difference this type only for kawasaki ninja 150 only, as the examples is the kawasaki ninja 250r, ninja 250r although using R code but had to use body kit. If you want to buy a   kawasaki ninja rr or kawasaki ninja r motorcycle, choose a motorcycle according to your needs, if you want to buy a kawasaki ninja for day-to-day activities, you can use a ninja 150R, when to travel far or race motor racing circuit, you could buy a kawasaki ninja 150 r


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