Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Suzuki Shogun 125 RR - Suzuki motorycles

The 125cc motorcycles from Suzuki, Suzuki Shogun 125 RR  is one of the Suzuki Shogun series. the Suzuki shogun 125 rr version come with many features, it's cool bike..with nice color combination. Suzuki Shogun 125 have more than 1 series, there are 125 r, 125 NR, and also 125 sp, but here.. it's 125 rr series, what's more from this bike?, okay let see.. 
Suzuki Shogun 125 RR
Suzuki Shogun 125 RR come with 125cc of engine displacement, it's enoug for your daily activity, and than this bike powered with 2-disk brake, on the front side, and also on the rear side, it's more safety for speed lover. The New Suzuki Shogun 125 RR  have a good design and also looks appears, come with cast wheels, and the turn lights come to front body, it's more elegant right?. check this out the Suzuki Shogun 125 RR specification below 
Suzuki Shogun 125 RR Specs :
Dimensions :
Overall Length 1905 mm
Overall Width 715 mm
Overall Height 1075 mm
Distance Between Wheels As 1220 mm
Distance of 135 mm Machine to Land
Vehicle weight 108 kg
Seat Height 770 mm
Suzuki Shogun 125 RR lamp
Engine :
Type 4 stroke, SOHC
Air Cooling System
Number of Cylinders 1 (one)
Cylinder Diameter 53.5 mm
Step Piston 55.2 mm
Cylinder Capacity 124 cc
Value Compression 11-12 kg/cm2
10.0 Ps/8.000 rpm Maximum Power
Maximum Torque 0.98 Kg.m. 6,000 rpm
Carburetors Mikuni VM 18-264
Air Filter Paper Element
Suzuki Shogun 125 RR front
Starter System Electric and kick
transmission :
Transmission 4 Acceleration, rotary
Directions Gear Down
Chain Drive Front NT 14, Rear NT 35
Under the framework of bone
Suspension Front Telescopic, per spiral, oil damper
Rear suspension swing arm, a spiral, silencer oli1, 9 m
Angle Play Disc, hydraulic N290
Front brakes, Rear Brakes : Disk, hydraulic N220
Suzuki Shogun 125 RR side view
Tire Size Front 70/90-17 M / C 38P
Rear Tire Size 80/90-17 M / C 44P
Electrical Systems:
Suzuki Ignition System DC-CDI (DIGITAL)
NGK Spark plug C6HSA / ND U20FS-U
Accu 12 V (3.5 Ah) / 10 HR7, 0 L
Utility Box 7.0 L
4.3 L Fuel Tank
Suzuki Shogun 125 RR rear disk brake
(pics and specs (translated) from suzuki official website
Well.. it's not bad for 125cc class motorcycles and i can say it Good enough for engine performance, looks appears and design, and also safety features as like disk brake on the rear side. Suzuki Shogun 125 RR is upgraded from 125 r series.. okay.. that's all.. have fun guys..


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