Friday, 2 November 2012

New Honda CB150R Released

Honda Motorcycles Indonesia finally introduced the all new Honda CB150R street fighter motorcycle type at Jakarta Motorcycles Show a few days ago. Honda CB150R is a total new bike from Honda which it has powered by 150cc DOCH engine, it's the same engine as CBR150R full fairing bike version but the CB150R comes without full fairing style.

Honda CB150R photo
Honda CB150R at JMS - Photo :

Honda call this bike as HondaCB150R StreetFire, powered by 150cc DOCH engine Fuel Injection system with 6 speed transmission, CB150R looks so powerful for riding anytime and anywhere. There is something new from Honda 150cc bike, CB150R born with New Innovative Truss Frame which it "looks" almost the same as VTR250R frame.

CB150R Video teaser..

When this bike will be available in the market? well I'm not sure about it but I thing it will available soon.

As you can see, Honda CB150R is sporty street fighter bike, the bike equipped with semi-digital display, disc brakes system on the front and rear tires, racing cast wheels, and sharp body work designed, everyone who need a simple package of CB150R can choose the CB150R streetfire. What about the specification and price? actually Honda not yet confirmed about this points but let see it in the next post. The good things from CB150R are fuel injection system and DOCH engine features, the DOCH engine actually need high rpm to get the max power, so if you like touring experience, CB150R is one of the best for you.


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