Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Motorcycles - Fuel Injection Era Has Started

To deliver more and better value of motorcycles, motorcycle manufacturers now has started to introducing the injection system to their bikes (to the global market), I know that the injection system was used from several years ago, but for some countries, injection system is a new thing from the bike right now, they also just understand that the injection system is good enough. In addition to providing a new technology, injection system also proved to have many advantages, some things may be scary to "use" now has beginning to be accepted by bikers. Previously, some motorcycle riders consider that the injection system looks so complicated ti understand, they also thought that the motorcycle with the injection system it is difficult to care, but after injection systems became famous, people seem begin to accept it, this is a good news because the injection system has many advantages when it compared to the carburetor system.

Honda CBR250R injection (PGM-FI)

Let's look at the New Honda CBR250R, while Kawasaki with Ninja 250R dominated the 250cc motorcycles market, Honda now ready to fight with this baby Ninja by introducing the New CBR250R, you have to know that Ninja 250R usually comes with carburetor system but also already with Fuel Injection version, but Honda bikes seems want to give the real modern motorcycles tech by released the CBR250R PGM-FI (Honda Fuel Injection Techy) in a few years ago, as you can see that there is none CBR250R with carburetor version, there is only CBR250R Fuel Injection version which it has comes to the market, this CBR250R offered more friendly fuel consumption, based from the CBR250R specs, this mini CBR has 77 MPG MPG!!, it's great huh?

Now lets turn into the new Kawasaki product, Ninja 300, Ninja 300 in the new "kid" from the Kawasaki Ninja family, now Kawasaki looks understood by offering Fuel-Injection system into the Ninja 300cc series, what about the performance? well the Ninja 300 reported has 39HP of maximum power, it's totally better than the Ninja 250R carburetor performance, right (even the Ninja 300 has 50cc bigger engine capacity ^_^)?

Kawasaki 300cc

Well, I can't telling more about the injection system because I'm not an expert, but if you want to learn about the Fuel Injection system, you can found it in many site exs. Wikipedia or also Youtube. The motorcycles with Fuel Injection system era has started, are you ready to join with it? see ya.

Video Courtesy : Youtube.


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