Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Suzuki 250cc - Will it Be Successful?

As one of the new challenger, the all new Suzuki 250cc bike or called as Suzuki Inazuma 250 in UK and GW250 in other country, it looks quite nice and not less than its competitors such as the Ninja 250 or CBR250. Some times ago, I had written that the all new 2012 Suzuki Inazuma 250 is rumored to be released in 2012, and this was true, Suzuki motorcycles (Indonesia) reported that the all new 250cc will ready in the end of this years, so the question is "Will it Be Successful?" Suzuki GW250 is street-fighter species while the Ninja 250 and CBR250 is fairing bike style, so this is the key from the Inazuma bike.. smart!!.

Streetbike designed!! that's the real key point from Suzuki Inazuma/GW 250cc, while it's competitor born with sport fairing style, Suzuki seems want to give a unique and different style with streetbike looks, Inazuma 250cc looks inspired from Suzuki B-King, so if you want to try the B-King series, Inazuma is one of the best for you.

Back to the main topics, will it successfully in the motorcycles market place? I thing absolutely yes, many motorcycles riders love the sportbike, but there is also many riders who love street looks like Inazuma, it's simple, elegant and strong touring looks. I love the streetbike design without fairing idea and the Inazuma also powered by powerful engine, it has 250cc of engine capacity, Parallel Twin Engine, SOCH 2 cylinder, Liquid-cooled, 6 speed transmission and many more, good enough for riding everyday in the city even for long trips.

So what about you? Will new Suzuki 250cc bike successful? let see soon.


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